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The name of the company is the GRO Corporation; and is located in Toronto, Canada. It has been operating since 1998. Mira Herbals is a company that is customer-based. The small size is intentional, to ensure we provide personal service and support.

Mira Herbals and its flag ship product Mira hair oil is a one stop solution to problem hair. We were and still are concerned by the harmful effects chemical hair products can cause. We wanted to introduce a product that not only stimulated hair growth and cleaned the scalp, but also prevented a variety of hair problems!

Mira Herbals uses powerful, modern technology and science, to mimic the traditional method of extraction. Herbs are hand-picked from such remote places as the deep forests of Africa and the mountains of the Himalayas. The essential parts of the herbs are then extracted. For some herbs this is the flower; for others the roots or stalk.

Our doctor verifies that the right parts of the herbs have been cut and are ready for extraction. Mira Herbals use water extraction in a proprietary extraction unit, where the extracts are boiled in water in an intense vacuum system. The temperature is kept at 50 degrees - this ensures that 99.9% of the phytochemicals are preserved for use.

The herbs are then passed through a series of filters - one of which is as thing as the membranes on your skin - to ensure purity and potency. Other commercial companies use alcohol extraction methods, which is chemical based, bad for you and damages the phytochemicals.

We are passionate about hair, and know how great hair can boost someone's self-esteem, improve their looks and prevent insecure or self-conscious feelings. It is after all a "vain" world where you are often judged by the way you look. Having great hair starts each day well!

In today's world, many people are looking for ways to improve their appearance without surgery or drugs. Mira Herbals products contain only the purest herbs extracted from plants and fruits, using traditional processes combined with the latest scientific methods.

You can be sure that by using Mira Herbals' products you are using the purest, most potent and safest way known to man, for beautiful, youthful, skin, scalp and hair.

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