How to Make Your Hair Grow Longer and Faster


If you have seen women with long, beautiful hair and wondered how they accomplished that feat, then you should know that although some of it has to do with genetics and Mother Nature, there are also some hair care habits that many women have in common that help to promote hair growth and healthy hair. Although the shampoo commercials would like you to believe that having super clean hair on a daily basis is a must, it is actually one of the worst things you could do to your hair.

Can You Make Your Hair Grow Longer?

One of the most counter intuitive aspects of growing your hair is that by cutting it often, it will actually grow faster. In many ways, this is just like pruning a tree - by cutting off the dead parts, there will be more nutrition for the healthy parts. So, while you may think it doesn't make sense to get the ends of your hair cut off once a month, it is an easy way to spur on the growth of your hair.

Another way to ensure that your hair grows faster is to stop breaking it! If you are using a brush on wet hair, then you are actually doing more harm than good and will probably find a brush full of your broken hair. If you are using rubber hair products, such as rubber bands, then you will also lose more hair. In other words, be careful with your hair, use only a wide-toothed comb when it is wet, and try not to pull it or put excessive pressure on it.

How Can You Make It Grow Faster?

As far as the speed of your hair's growth goes, this is one of those things that varies from person to person, much like the speed of the nail growth. In some ways, both hair and nails are essentially made of up of waste materials that the rest of our body doesn't need, so if you aren't filling yourself with proper nutrition, vitamins, and minerals, then you will probably find that your hair doesn't grow as fast as you would like.

The overall health of your scalp is also essentially important in the rate of growth of your hair since your hair follicles can get clogged up, they can stop producing hair entirely, and they can become so weak that hair easily falls out. There is also another aspect of your hair's follicles, which is DHT, the hormone that actually causes hair loss. If your scalp is producing too much of this, then you will see thinning of the hair and that means that it will never have the opportunity to grow long.

Can Hair Care Products Work?

One of the major misconceptions of both men and women today is that by choosing a high priced designer shampoo and conditioner or one that is used in a salon, that they will have increased hair growth. Unfortunately, that is almost never the case. In fact, many of the most expensive brands are absolutely full of dangerous ingredients that do nothing more than slow down your hair growth and inhibit the growth of new hair.

By choosing products that are completely natural and herbal in nature, you will have much better results with your hair. Your hair will be softer, stronger, and more apt to grow longer. By making some simple changes to the way in which you brush and comb your hair, how you style it, you should find that getting good looking hair that is longer and better looking is easier than you think.



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