How to Stop Hair Loss in Women


A woman's hair is her crowning glory, but what happens if all of the sudden you experience hair loss? Most women are concerned when it comes to thinning hair and hair loss issues. So, the question now is: How can you stop hair loss? The first things you have to know are the factors that affect hair loss. Some of these may be due to hormone dysfunction, excessive use of chemicals, an illness, prescription drugs, stress and poor diet.

• Blame it on the Hormones

Hormonal imbalance can cause thinning hair. Androgens are also known culprits in hair loss in women since these interfere with the natural growth of hair. Known androgens include dihydrotestosterone (DHT), androsteinedione, and testosterone. They gag the receptors that are embedded deep into the follicle which stops good hair growth causing the follicles to shrink.

• What you need to eat

To prevent hair loss, you must eat foods that are rich in protein. This is an important component to promote hair growth and stop thinning hair. Having a healthy body through a well-balanced diet is very important in maintaining hair strength. Another important agent is amino acids, which serves as a building block of our hair. Drink lots of water and avoid fatty foods. Stay away from too much sugar intake as well.

• Relaxation is Important

Stress can do so much harm to your body, including your hair. Remain calm and try to relax through fun activities and yoga.

• Stimulate blood flow

Massaging the scalp to promote great blood circulation can help a great deal in the growth of your hair. This takes care of your hair root that is effective in preventing hair loss. With a good supply of blood, your hair will receive the nutrients it needs.

• Take Care of your Hair

Never brush your hair while it is wet as this will result to hair breakages. A regular trim is also recommended to get rid of split ends.

• Use Mira Oil

This has nutrients that encourage hair growth. Being rich in phytochemicals, Mira Oil will make your hair become healthier. It has hair growth herbs that are effective in preventing issues with hair loss. It's a natural way of addressing thinning hair problems without the adverse effects some chemicals usually cause the scalp.

Mira oil helps in detoxifying your scalp by unclogging pores and cleaning your scalp. This will then allow your hair follicles to grow back faster and breathe.

If hair loss still persists, it's time to go to your doctor for a consultation to find out more about hair loss. There could be other underlying factors that may be causing hair loss issues. But for less than serious instances, follow the above-mentioned tips and see your hair growing back better than ever. Browse online for Mira Oil that can effectively aid you in fighting against hair loss. Enjoy healthier hair by enjoying a relaxing massage using Mira Oil, and see promising results in just a short span of time.



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