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What makes this different than any other hair oil ?

It most potently effective blend of all natural, organic herbs known for over 5,000 years in India to grow longer, thicker, silkier, voluminous and more manageable hair. An herb that is derived from a northern Indian herb that only grows in the Brahimi plateau some 14,000 feet above sea level! It also takes 5 years to mature, which explains why the natives value this magic hair growth herb more than gold! Maharajas (Indian kings) had exclusive rights over this herb for over 5,000 years because of its undeniable ability to grow and retain youthful, vibrant, more manageable hair!

Try it and see-there are many oils out there that don't even come close! Mira is all natural and we have taken an added step of reducing the grease of the oil-the result is an easy to use oil. Most oils out there will make things worse by clogging your pores! We extract our won herbs and don't buy from manufacturers-ensuring the best potency! With all the effectiveness to grow longer hair, stop hair loss, prevent premature graying, give you thicker, and frizz free and more manageable hair.

I have a very short hair how many bottles will I need to get my hair at least to shoulder length?

The oil will grow your hair as fast as nature intended- the oil will boost anagen phase of hair growth by a minimum of 30% , you will need to use the oil only 2-3 times a week. Using more every day will not make it grow any faster as such a bottle or two is enough for you. Make sure you massage the scalp extensively with the oil, a scalp massage helps the oil penetrate the scalp and will help growth

Does this oil stop hair loss and will it regrow hair ?

Yes it does stop hair loss and regrow hair- the rate it does this depends on the individual! You will see a stop in hair loss in the very first week-and hair growth 5-8 weeks. Each bottle last 2 months and comes with a FREE shampoo & conditioner-$99.98 value I say give it a try - you have 60 days to decide if its For you! The effects last because this oil cleans out the pores from within and so long as you keep your scalp clean you will be fine.

Does it work for black hair ?

Yes it does work on women of color! The only major difference when it comes to treatment is moisture control. By this I mean most African hair is washed once a week, you can use Mira 2 times a week without washing, simply apply about a quarter teaspoon and massage the oil onto the scalp, massage your hair extensively until the oil has penetrated the scalp. Wash the oil when ready-either in a week or two.

I have problems with my scalp will this help ?

The cause of your scalp problems lies in poor circulation and on your pores being clogged by chemical build up! Mira removes this- which allows your hair to grow healthy, stops scalp itch and allows faster hair growth!

Can I still color my hair with a semi permanent hair color ?

You can use it on colored hair-it wont spoil the effects or strip out the color-this is an all natural product so no chemical effects (like stripping).What usually happens is this we women use commercial based products that build up toxins on our scalp the results is thinning hair, hair loss, unmanageable hair and itchy scalp. Mira removes these toxins allowing your scalp/hair to "breath" and grows.

I'm suffering with lot of dandruff, itchy scalp and thinning hair. Will this oil stop it ?

Yes this oil stops the itch and the thinning hair- This symptom is the results of chemical build up on your scalp. Mira removes this and allows your hair to Grow thicker, longer and more manageable it will stop The itch as well usually in a week.

I was born with thin, fine hair, so can it really make my hair thicker?

Hi, you can't change your genes. The oil works along your genetic ability, if you have naturally thin hair it will make it as thick as it can naturally be-however it will not grow and change the genetic makeup of the hair. Healthy hair is thicker hair, so get the hair as thick as help as you can with the help of Mira hair oil.

Does this stop premature graying hair ?

This oil will restore gray hair to its original color on your hair! First it darkens your existing gray hair naturally and then it stops the growth of other gray hair you might have! This is not a dye so it works from the root level! And it will take some time. There are no side effects.

Will it work for me?

Mira hair oil does work and works fast; it has been sold for over 12 years with thousands and thousands of happy users. It works just as well for any hair type whether it's dry, oily, wavy, fine, thick, curly,straight or chemically treated. No product is 100% we know that with Mira as well, it has high success rate of 97%, and if it does not work you can return it within 60 days!

Do I have to use the oil forever ?

You don't have to use it forever, use it until you are happy with your hair; one or two kits are enough! What it does is that it cleans out the pores, allowing your hair to grow! If you keep your hair clean after its use, you will be fine.

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