Here's 5 Reasons Why You Canít Grow Your Hair No Matter How Hard You Try...


Once your hair dies, things will remain like that. And the hair does die. But, it can also regenerate slowly, so on your scalp there are hairs in all of the three stages of growth at once. So, as an interesting information, you have hair that is in the anagen phase, catagen or telogen phase. It is the reason you see sprouts of hair, shorter than the rest, appearing from nowhere.


#The first phase, as you found out that is called anagen, is the key to hair growth. In this stage the majority of the growing processes happen. To have an idea of this aspect, think that in a case where the hair is healthy, about 88% of it will be found in the anagen phase. But the worst part is that most men and women are not even close to the 88% because they have severe problems with hair growth.


Facts show that most people enjoy only about 20% of the natural growth of the hair. Which is very little. It is the main reason, no matter how hard you try, you will never get a lush, thick and easy manageable hair. Unfortunately, there are many factors that influence the anagen phase, so the hair is very unlikely to enter this phase the way it should. Here are some of those reasons.



1.There is too much DHT in the skin of your head. Remember how your grandpa was bolder than grandma? It is because DHT is a hormone mostly found in men, which is suffocating and slowly killing the hair follicles. These follicles are the cradle of new hair, but if they die, no hair will even grow there again.



2.Bad blood flow in your scalp. The hair follicles also need to be fed with oxygen and nutrients. But if the blood flow is not the way it should be, then they will not be fueled right the follicles might die. Try massaging your scalp with your fingertips when you wash the hair. It helps enhance to local microcirculation.



3.Your best ally, the shampoo, might also cause the death of your hair. When it is supposed to help you to nourish and care for your hair, they can harm it. The reason they do this is due to their high composition in petroleum and toxins that end up gathering in your scalp and form a cork over the follicle. Thus, it cannot breathe or feed, and it will eventually die. Also, smothered follicles will produce a thinner hair and even whiter and discolored hair.






4.The lack of VEGF. It is a protein that helps the hair grow thick and strong.




5.There is the chance that follicles were either pulled out of they became clogged at the surface, so they are unable to produce anymore hair.



Here's How Mira Hair Growth Oilô Works:


#Mira Hair Oil have a good amount of phytochemicals and herb extracts that work wonder on hair. First of all, the herbs in Mira Hair Oils will improve the blood flow, making sure the follicles and hair roots are properly nourished.


Moreover, this great hair oil treatment will help unclog the follicles by gently exfoliating the surface, hydrating the area at the same time so that the skin does not become tern. And it has a high efficiency in stopping DHT to develop anymore. Thus, your hair should start resting its health in a very short while.









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Remember about VEGF? There is a particular ingredient in Mira Hair Oils, called Asia sari radix, which has as a single purpose the stimulation of this protein. It has been clinically proven by Researchers at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) to both thicken hair and boost new hair growth, thereby allowing you to get super-FAST and healthy hair growth.




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And it works great combined with the other herbs found in Mira Hair Oils. It is so efficient that after treatment, the percentage of follicles that will reach the anagen phase will rise from 20% to 35%. That means more longer, healthy hair for you and a diminished hair loss overall.


The False Daisy, or scientifically known as Eclipta Alba, is great to cool and calm your scalp. If you know, you have a more sensitive skin on your head, this herb will help it sooth and will also take care of nourishing your hair. Again, it is a plant that has been tested for treating hair loss and obtained significant results, far better than any other chemical-based hair growth treatments.




Look More Younger With The Soft, Silky, and Youthful Hair You've Always Wanted

Maybe you are not that old, but the gray hairs that are starting to give you that impression. You can now stop this process and look years younger.


The Mira Hair Oils contain a particular herb, called Tridax procumbens, which will keep the free radicals away from your hair. That means the hair wonít be damaged or discolored anymore.


The prestigious Bradford University, in London, proved that there is a particular cell that can be blamed for turning your hair gray. Going by the name melanocyte, it is very influenced by age, external factors and cosmetic products. Due to these, the cells will eventually run out, causing your hair to lose its color as well.


The herb previously mentioned, keep this cell away from the harming free radicals that can damage it. Thus, you can stop and reverse the aging process of your hair. Keep your head free of white hair and allow yourself to look younger.